Hair Tonic

Lovely scented herbal mist to nourish hair & soothe the scalp.

8 oz

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6 reviews for Hair Tonic

  1. Brooke

    This spray is AWESOME. I got it freshly postpartum and it helped my hair so much with growth and thickness. The smell is amazing. It lasts forever even when using everyday like I was and the spray nozzle is the best. Highly recommend. I share it with all my friends!

  2. Karly L

    I bought this product at the Fireweed market last summer and can’t get enough of it! It smells great, is easy to use and the spray bottle does not get clogged up over time. I use a few spritz of this spray every few days in between shampoos and it makes my hair super soft and refreshes it (looks clean!). It is also a great product to use in the winter months to tame hair frizz.

  3. Rowena

    We initially bought a bottle of this for ourselves and love both the smell and how our scalp and hair feels after using it. My mother is currently undergoing chemo – she lost her hair and her scalp has been irritated so we let her try our spray she finds it soothes her scalp and she loves the smell as well. We bought a few more bottles so we won’t run out! thanks for this great product!!

  4. Rhea MacNeil

    I love this product…I love the smell. My hair just feels better when I use it!

  5. AnnaWeiers

    Love this product, I use it in place of conditioner and it smells wonderful

  6. Andrea

    This product is Fantastic! Great alternative to those “I should really wash my hair” days. A couple sprays provides a lovely tingle on the scalp, smells fresh & clean, adds lift & structure to the hair.

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