Join us and take a walk in the forest to see who comes up to speak to you. We share our love of wildcrafting by first teaching how to open our hearts in reciprocity, and use the tools of plant identification and proper harvesting practices to connect deeper with the plants. Our classes are immersive – they provide practical tips and information, while allowing space to connect with the land.

Our wildcrafting offerings



“When the berry season was done, the plants would send out slender red runners to make new plants. Because I was fascinated by the way they would travel over the ground looking for good places to take root, I would weed out little patches of bare ground where the runners touched down. Sure enough, tiny little roots would emerge from the runner and by the end of the season there were even more plants, ready to bloom, under the next Strawberry Moon. No person taught us this – the strawberries showed us. Because they had given us a gift, an ongoing relationship opened between us.”

– Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass.

A special time in the forest designed for the curious souls who yearn to know their natural environment better, to connect deeper with nature when they’re on the trail, and to start exploring the medicine and food of the Boreal forest.

The Enchanted Walks series captures seasonal changes in the same location throughout the year, identifying plants at different times of their cycles.

In the spring, buds and shoots are popping out and tree saps are running… In the summer, leaves are growing and flowers are bursting in colors all around us, while in the fall, plants grow fruits and seeds and take their energy back into their roots. In the winter, it’s the evergreens who shine with their needles and sticky resins.

Medicine is in nature all year long, and plants are just waiting for us to introduce ourselves. We will engage with them in ways involving all our senses, heart and memory.


This 3-hour beginner class proposes an introduction to commonly used plants of the Boreal forest, tips to identify them and ideas for working with them. Starting at a trail head within 10 kilometers of downtown Whitehorse, participants will be guided through a series of meditative exercises to attune more deeply to their environment and get to know the plants around them.

  • common plant identification
  • harvesting practices
  • meditative exercises
  • wildcrafted sample
  • tools + books recommendations


“Have you ever intuitively been pulled toward a certain flower or plant? This is the plant energy beckoning you. The most traditional way of attuning to a plant is to be present with it. Be observant, look at it, touch it, smell it. Exploring a plant with an intuitive sense is a vital part of the process.”

– Beverley Gray, The Boreal Herbal.

This series of workshops are designed for earth lovers who yearn to know a specific plant better, to deepen their connection to it, or simply listen to the call to work with the food and medicine it brings.

We take a careful, focused look to discover the many gifts this plant has been sharing with humankind, and how we can give in reciprocity, engaging in ways involving all our senses, heart and memory.

This offering is available featuring different plants throughout the year.

This 3-hour workshop proposes an introduction to the most common technological, medicinal and food uses of a specific Boreal plant, tips to identify it, harvest it respectfully and process the harvest. Starting with a walk in the forest to meet the plant, participants will be guided through a series of meditative exercises to attune to it. After harvesting, we will head back and craft a product together with it.

  • common plant identification
  • harvesting practices
  • meditative exercises
  • wildcrafted samples
  • tools + books recommendations
  • handouts + recipes
  • 1 crafted product to take home

Looking for something specific?

We can organize a plant or forest encounter for your group or family and are happy to tailor it to your own forested area. We look forward to hear what interests you!

“The Honorable Harvest, a practice both ancient and urgent, applies to every exchange between people and the Earth.

Its protocol is not written down, but if it were, it would look something like this: Ask permission of the ones whose lives you seek. Abide by the answer. Never take the first. Never take the last. Harvest in a way that minimizes harm. Take only what you need and leave some for others. Use everything that you take. Take only that which is given to you. Share it, as the Earth has shared with you. Be grateful. Reciprocate the gift. Sustain the ones who sustain you, and the Earth will last forever.”

– Robin Wall Kimmerer

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