Spring Fermentation Series
Pick a theme that interests you or dive in for an immersive fermenting experience with the full series. 15% discount when you register to all 6 workshops until March 31st!
Introduction to Vegetable Fermentation

Get ready to preserve the abundance of summer veggies with this ancestral way of making krauts + pickles that are healthy and delicious!

Kombucha & Other Fermented Drinks
Working with mother cultures to ferment our sweet infusions is a great way to bring fun and healthy fizz to the kitchen!
Try this wonderful Indonesian fermentation to bring umami flavours + increased nutrients availability to your high-protein plant foods!
Learn different ways to make this addictive Korean condiment, an immune-boosting and umami flavours powerhouse!
Ginger Beer & Other Fermented Drinks
Learn how to harness the power of wild yeasts to create effervescent drinks with healthy benefits and amazing flavours!
Dairy-Free Cheeses
Learn different ways to culture nuts, seeds, legumes and their milks to make spreads and “cheeses” with satifsying flavours and textures!
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