Pure Lavender

Relaxing infused oil for bath + massage.

2 oz

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This pure botanical infusion is a great gift for lavender lovers, including yourself!

We extracted both the scent and medicine of this aromatic plant with months-long cold infusion in unrefined organic sweet almond oil. Without essential oils added, this “unscented product” is ideal for those with scent-sensitivity. It is a perfect body oil to nourish and heal sun-burned skin in the summer, and a wonderful relaxing oil for baths and massages.

Used topically, lavender stimulates skin repair, promotes the synthesis of collagen and enhances wound contraction, thus a wonderful aid in the beginning phase of scar treatment. Imagine laying down in the middle of a lavender field… Lavandula angustifolia brings a sense of safety, allowing the body to sleep, and helps in relieving headaches, overall reducing stress and calming nervousness. It is a sedative and antidepressant.

Contents: Lavender*, Sweet Almond Oil*, Vit. E.

* Organic

Apply on wet skin as a healing body oil, add a few spritz to your bath for stress release, or use as a calming massage oil.



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