Lavender-Rose Scrub

A highly soothing + moisturizing body scrub with delicate flower scents.
12 oz


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This gentle sugar and salt scrub can help remove dead cells and toxins blocking the pores of our skin. Wild-harvested rose petals and lavender-infused oil are added to make this reset as smooth and nourishing as possible. NFor the sake of preserving this gentleness, no essential oils have been added to the scrub. The delicate flower scents and nutty aromas come from the long infusion process only. Use the scrub as your soap, after turning off the water. Gently rub on wet skin, then rinse to leave the skin clear and hydrated. Use on a daily or weekly basis.
Contents: Lavender*, Sweet Almond Oil*, Himalayan Pink Salt, Magnesium Salt, Cane Sugar*, Virgin Coconut Oil*, Honey*, Rose Petals†.
*Organic, †Wildcrafted



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