Boreal Enchantments

A trio of boreal plants infused in oil for massage or bath.


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Enjoy a stroll in the boreal forest with Juniper, Poplar and Fir. In the Boreal Enchantments massage + bath oils, the original scents of the plants we infuse fully come forward without the need for added essential oils.
This gift pack features 3 bottles: Enchanting Juniper, Enchanting Poplar + Enchanting Fir.
Enchanting Juniper contents: Juniper†, Sweet Almond Oil*, Vit. E. *Organic, †Wildcrafted
Enchanting Poplar contents: Poplar†, Sweet Almond Oil*, Vit. E. *Organic, †Wildcrafted
Enchanting Fir contents: Fir†, Sweet Almond Oil*, Vit. E. *Organic, †Wildcrafted



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