Mighty Spruce

There they stood, gathered at the bottom of the garden. Good to hide under at dusk, when supper was almost ready. Fine shelter from the sun in the hot summer afternoons. And in the winter, a great fort for snowball fights with my sister. We always referred to them as...

Miracle Mastíkha

My fingers are sticky with white resin as I press the powder into the capsule-maker. The sweet pungent Mastíkha scent is intoxicating, and my mind meanders back to this missed encounter with the mastic tree. A time of travels in fog, despair and sickness. The bell...


Walking the Camino Francés, Naranja is on my path, growing not so far on the Costa Del Sol. So I trade my Canadian apple for the fruit that shines in the Mediterranean winter. Its sweet juicy bounty has nothing to do with the fist-size Sunkist that survives the rides...
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