As we deepen our capacity for direct perception, we find that all things are aware, that all are looking at us, that all are communicating with us. And these communications of meaning go deep. They literally are communicative touches of living being. – Stephen Harrod Buhner HARVESTERS We are nomads and home is where our feet take us, this is our path of constant discovery. As much as we miss growing roots, developing relationships, establishing routines and building the soil, there is one beautiful thing we keep with our nomadic lifestyle. Harvests. Tirelessly, the universe provides material and spiritual gleanings for the nomadic souls. Grazers move to find their food, scavengers travel around, hunters follow their prey and gatherers find the best patch. As industry continues to gain ground pilgrims and migrants continue their journeys, surrendering to what’s around in abundance or scarcity. Barefoot walkers on the Earth and dedicated harvesters of her bounty, we move with the rhythms of our six senses. We touch, feel, taste, smell, listen, and we reflect. Harvests are the substance that sustains us, making us alive. Harvests are Creation we see coming to us and we bend down to gather it. And somehow, in the midst of our amazed encounters with the Earth, we create. Natural and medicinal bodycare products, culinary delicacies, and a series of fermentation workshops to discover and honour the micro-organisms and plants who give us life. With gratitude, we celebrate and share our nomadic harvests.

ANGE – Fermentista & Magic-Maker Ange has been fermenting foodsand crafting medicinal bodycare products for more than a decade (and possibly other lifetimes). Her medicine-making endeavour came naturally from the practical need to provide high quality traditional products for herself and her community. Growing up in a small town north of Québec City, on the edge of the boreal wilderness, she spent her young years hearing what crows, ferns and violets had to say. And it’s the Yukon wilderness, discovered 13 years ago, that brought her to a deeper journey with medicinal plants. Much knowledge came to her from the writing of passionate herbalists and the exchange with fellow medicine-makers, as well as a dedicated involvement with ecological farmers. Wherever she is, Ange’s favourite activity is to feed on the strong pulse of the Earth, receiving the precious teachings from nature spirits. This involves meditations in the forest and very slow hikes amazed bird contemplation, bubbly jars and wild plants garblin, dirt under the fingernails and most importantly, kisses on flower petals. Elated witness of Nature’s marvels, Ange tries to be invisible and handle beauty as delicately as possible. When she finds herself with a bunch of vibrant harvests, her creativity takes over and surprising concoctions emerge.



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